Benefits & Advantages

A Carnet is a hugely beneficial tool which allows you to take your goods out of the UK to either one destination or multiple destinations with only one single document.  Although a Carnet may seem complex at first glance you can be assured that our experienced Carnet team will make it easy for you throughout the entire process, completing your Carnet quickly and efficiently.

Our long standing relationship with the Chamber of Commerce ensures that we can provide with a fully managed professional and efficient service.    For those urgent requests we offer a 24 hour “express service” and either delivery back to you within a 10 mile radius or Royal Mail next day guaranteed return options available. Alternatively you are welcome to arrange a collection from our offices if this would suit you best.


Practical Advantages

  • Goods are exempt from import taxes and duties
  • ATA Carnet acts as a ‘passport’ for the goods
  • Valid for up to 1 year and can be used for several trips to multiple countries
  • Easily obtainable and eliminates the need for any other additional documentation
  • Entirely issued prior to departure, avoiding travel delays
  • Costs are known and paid before departure
  • Simplifies customs procedures and the need to complete any unfamiliar customs forms