Application checklist:

An ATA Carnet must be issued in the name of a permanent UK resident or UK registered company. The Carnet holder can travel themselves or alternatively appoint a freight agent as an authorised representative. The authorised representative will be responsible for obtaining Customs stamps at the relevant points throughout the journey. Should any discrepancies arise along the way, for example; the Carnet hasn’t been stamped or the goods stay in the visiting country beyond expiry or agreement date then a claim may potentially be put forward by foreign customs. In this scenario the carnet holder will be liable if suitable supporting evidence cannot be provided to Customs.

Key information required for each Carnet application:
  • Name of the Carnet holder (Normally the owner of the goods, responsible for taxes & duties)
  • How long the Carnet is required for? (2, 6 or 12 months)
  • List of countries being visited as well as countries passing through on route to visiting countries
  • Detailed list of goods or equipment which will be travelling. The list should include:
  • - Clear descriptions including brand names and model/serial numbers
    - Quantity of each item
    - Value in GBP for each item
    - Country of origin for each item
    - Total weight in kgs

    • Purpose for which your goods or equipment is being temporarily exported to visiting countries
    • Names of individuals/agents responsible for the Carnet whilst in transit. These are the “Authorised Representatives” and would include any individuals or agents that will be presenting your Carnet to Customs.

    Additional information may be required for certain goods, the team will be able to advise you as to whether this is applicable to your Carnet.

     As the Carnet holder, regardless as to whether you own the goods or not, you will be held responsible for any Customs charges that may become due if you do not adhere to the following:

    • Use the goods correctly and in accordance with the Carnet rules 
    • Re-export the goods from the country you visit within the relevant time frame which the carnet has been issued for

    If you are shown as the Carnet holder, you must also ensure:

    • The Carnet holder, or authorised representative on their behalf, presents the Carnet to Customs for stamping each time the goods enter or leave a country or Customs territory (visits to EU will only require the carnet being presented to customs on entry to the first and exit from the last EU country visited)
    • Customs remove the relevant voucher at Customs point and stamp the corresponding counterfoil 
    • Inform Customs if any of the goods have been sold, or if only certain items on the Carnet list are being exported/imported
    • You keep copies of the full Carnet document and can provide the Carnet and your goods to Customs when required

    Most importantly, the responsibility and liability of the Carnet lies with the Carnet holder. It is vital that the Carnet and goods return to the UK within the issued time frame of that  Carnet along with the relevant customs stamps. If an extension is required, this will need to be requested well in advance of the Carnet expiring.

    Once the Carnet has been issued, we can either deliver back to you (if you are within a 10 mile radius of our office), post out to you via Royal Mail next day guaranteed delivery, or alternatively, you are welcome to arrange a collection from our office

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